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Prof. Frank J. Tipler Prof. John D. Barrow Prof. David Deutsch
From left to right: Prof. Frank J. Tipler, Prof. John D. Barrow, and Prof. David Deutsch.

The Omega Point in the Multiverse
The Omega Point in the Multiverse. Click on image to enlarge.
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To learn about the proof of God's existence according to the known laws of physics, read about mathematical physicist Prof. Frank J. Tipler's Omega Point cosmology (of which first appeared in book-form in The Anthropic Cosmological Principle [1986] co-written by leading astrophysicist Prof. John D. Barrow along with Tipler, and of which said book received almost universal praise by the science media) and the Feynman-DeWitt-Weinberg quantum gravity/Standard Model Theory of Everything (TOE) describing and unifying all the forces in physics in the below article:

Also see the below short article:

The previous article above is a short popular-audience introduction to the Omega Point cosmology.

For more on the technical reasons why the known laws of physics require that the universe end in the Omega Point, see:

The leading quantum physicist in the world, Prof. David Deutsch (inventor of the quantum computer, being the first person to mathematically describe the workings of such a device, and winner of the Institute of Physics' 1998 Paul Dirac Medal and Prize for his work), defends Frank Tipler's Omega Point Theory in Chapter 14: "The Ends of the Universe" in his excellent book The Fabric of Reality, of which extracts from the chapter are available below with Frank Tipler's replies to it (which I most highly recommend that you read):

For Prof. Tipler's analysis of the Omega Point being the God of Christianity, see his below article:

You can learn more about the Omega Point cosmology in a number of articles by Prof. Frank J. Tipler available below:

Below is an excellent interview of Prof. Frank Tipler by Omni magazine:

In the below two articles, one of the world's leading theologians, Prof. Wolfhart Pannenberg, defends the theology of the Omega Point cosmology:

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Biblical Scripture which Gives Evidence of Tipler's Omega Point Cosmology

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In addition to the foregoing information on the physics of God, see also the below article regarding the ethical and political philosophy of Jesus Christ:

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